Building bridges between people and data in one realtime collaborative platform

Building bridges between People & Data - in real time.


Clarify gives people
and data one voice
– in realtime

With Clarify you have a powerful tool that lets your organization work together through an intuitive timeline. The timeline organizes and structures all data and actions made throughout your operations and lets you see past, present and future data at a glance. Clarify makes complex industrial data understandable and available when and where you need it. 


Clarify helps you share insights, analyse & forecast together

The timeline brings data and human insight together. Share files, pictures and other content to form the complete picture of your operations. This allows people in different roles and levels of experience to share valuable insights and solutions with each other - to grow knowledge and turn data into better decisions.


Clarify gives order in the data chaos

Clarify lets you organise data, teamwork and insight in a common knowledge base. 
Search and filter data from all your sources to find signal in the noise. 
Organise data in a way that makes sense to you and include other experts if you want to. 
Get notifications about team and data activity. 


Clarify makes you ready for the future


Clarify is all about surfacing data you can trust. Clarify is built to give you complete overview across systems and formats with all the additional metadata and relations you need. 

Over time Clarify builds annotated training sets on top of your data and people's expertise - data you can use to apply new data science technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence and gain new value from, through our APIs.  

With complete overview of historical, realtime and future data Clarify builds trust in future technologies. 

Wonder how Clarify could help your company?

Our tech team wants to get their hands dirty in order to set up Clarify to solve your companies needs.